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Mooimakers - Mijn Mooie Straat

Mooimakers - Mijn Mooie Straat


A new force in Flanders’ battle against littering

A lot of municipalities in Flanders struggle to professionalise the way they handle littering on their turf. Civilians notice a trash bin that is piling out, a sofa that suddenly appeared on a street corner or a street light that is not longer working the way it should. When they want to take on their community responsibilities and want to report this to the municipality it often plays out to be very challenging to find the right way to do this.

On the other hand we have municipalities who are looking for better ways to handle all these incidents and to get them resolved as soon as possible.

The solution

After lots of research and workshops we came up with the concept for the ‘Mijn Mooie Straat’ platform. The platform consists of a restricted ‘PRO version’ for municipalities and an ‘open to all’ civilian version.

Through the open version, civilians will be able to report an incident in a minimum amount of time. The platform will make sure the reported incident will end up with the right municipality so the user does not need to worry about this any longer.

Within the PRO version we offer municipalities the tools to manage all these incidents and register incidents themselves. The tool can be used by multiple city workers at once and on any possible device with a data connection.


The approach.

Taking into account the scope of this project and the amount of user types that will be using the service, we incorporated as much user validation in the process as we could. Assumptions were tackled during workshops with internal stakeholders, early prototypes were tested with potential users and expert interviews were held to get a deep understanding of the way these municipalities work.

Based on all these insights we designed the basic concept for the website and set up a product roadmap. This roadmap holds all features which will be further developed over the next months and was prioritised based on the urgency of the user need they are based on.

One of our early mockup user flows

One of our early mockup user flows