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We are a strategic digital design studio.

We enable you to design the right things & to build the things right. We align your business goals with the needs of your customers.

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What we can do for you.

We are pragmatic. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and project.

Service & Product Design

UX Design

Org Design

Innovation Design


The way we work.

It is not true until your user says it is

Assumptions are the grandmother of all f*ckups. Too many projects & services are based on premises which turn out to be false. That is why we built our process around human centric tools to offer solutions for real user needs.

Digital architects with a network of experts

Just like an architect, we don’t do everything ourselves. We design the plans & principles to achieve your goals and rely on our network to add the expertise that’s needed. This way, we are able to create the best possible team for each project.

Delivery experience

We lean on 15 years of experience in delivering digital products to both large and small organisations. This technical experience combined with our human centric approach allows us to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.


Our friends.


Nice words.

Box of Birds brings a solid approach to address the challenge at hand. They define problems in a clear way using design thinking and other methods, and work towards the solution by guiding you through the incremental implementation. They offer an exhaustive toolkit and the capabilities to facilitate multiple stakeholders towards concrete results.
— Marijke Celis | Manager Digitaal Productiecentrum VRT